NewOCR can train almost any arbitrary font from a training file in the correct format (Some may require configuration file modification), though there are some fonts that are already configured and trained to work. Fonts can be added/removed from this list as long as they work and pass all tests. Any OCR changes are tested against these fonts, so the more fonts the less problems the OCR will have in the end.

Why is [font] not supported?

There are several reasons a font may not be supported. At the current NewOCR version, fonts must contain all characters in the training image, and have no kerning. Kerning is the biggest reason some fonts are not supported. Another smaller reason some fonts aren’t supported is due to letters looking similar to each other. An example is in the font Arial, and the characters I, l, and |. They all look identical other than a height change in one of them, which makes it impossible for the OCR to know what is going on without context (Soon to be supported, hopefully).

Supported Fonts

Just because a font is not on this list, does not mean it will not work! These are just the fonts that the OCR is tested against, if there is a font that works then make a PR, add its config to the repo, and add it here.

  • Comic Sans MS
  • Monospaced
  • Verdana
  • Calibri
  • Consolas
  • Courier New

Unsupported Fonts

  • Arial Reason: Kerning/Similar characters
  • Terminal Reason: Kerning
  • Lucidia Console Reason: Kerning (Need to double-check)
  • Javanese Text Reason: Kerning
  • Ebrima Reason: Kerning
  • Montserrat Reason: Kerning (Around [\])
  • OCR-A Reason: Conjoined quotes hmmm… ironic
  • Myanmar Text Reason: Kerning
  • Bahnschrift Light Condensed Reason: vertical lines misrecognition
  • Ink Free Reason: Kerning